Imagine if we all, every time we travel, travel in “responsible” ways.

Imagine how as business travellers, adventurers and holidaymakers we can maximise positive effects in the communities we visit.

Imagine how we can reduce cultural impact, support local development, reduce environmental impact, support local communities and fair trade initiatives.

Imagine if doing all this is as easy as choosing our airline, or offsetting our carbon offsets when we book a flight.

Uniting Journeys is an exciting new initiative with exactly these goals. Guilt free travel! And it’s easy!

What a fantastic mission and a great project for us to work on with the Uniting Journeys team.


Designed and developed by WWWShop using WordPress with a lot of custom travel industry software features and functions to make it easy to manage and update travel content and specific travel product.


There are specific Administration templates for Accommodation, Tours, Destination information and Sightseeing.  There is also wide use of social media and digital distribution mechanisms like an RSS feed to increase the reach of the brand.


Here are a few testimonials from people who have been on a Uniting Journeys experience:


“…let me say thank you very much for the wonderful opportunity to join the Uniting Journey tour of Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. It was the first time I have been a tourist in Cambodia and I learnt so much that I could never know as an individual travelling without a tour leader, even though I mix a lot with Cambodians.”Barb


“Being in my senior years, I was pleased to feel that I could still be a contributor in an overseas project.  It was a growing experience for me, even at this stage of my life’s journey.” Bev




uniting journeys

uniting journeys